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Great question! We’re sure that if you have reached this page then you have navigated around our site and seen how much better value our loans are. We have invested heavily in software technology and as a result kept our overheads to a minimum. This allows us to give the most competitive rate in the market. Our philosophy is one that works with customer and provides an excellent customer service, so all round Motorkitty is the best option for your loan. Many other lenders mislead customers or visitors to their web pages, always look properly and work the numbers out for yourself.
How much you can borrow is directly dependent on the trade value of the car and the affordability of repayments. We use the industry leading service by HPI to determine the trade value and generally we will lend up to 60% of that value, however this figure can vary depending on the condition of the vehicle. We aim to make the monthly repayments no more than 70% of your disposable income.
Due to the recent changes in regulation and as part of Responsible Lending, we must perform a credit worthiness and affordability assessment, however please remember that just because you have had problems in the past does not mean that you will be refused credit. Our main focus is that you can afford your monthly payments going forward.
In many cases we can use your loan to pay off the outstanding finance on a vehicle and then pay you the difference on what you have borrowed. For example if you borrowed £3000 with us but had £1000 remaining on your car loan we would pay the finance company £1000 directly and then pay you the difference (£2000).
This is a very common question and unlike other lenders Motorkitty offers many options to get back into a workable payment plan. We offer periods of grace and regular changes of payments dates to help with this process. The last thing we ever want to do is recover your vehicle. We pride ourselves on customer service and should you fall foul of payment simply get in touch as soon as possible to discuss how we can help you.
That’s great! We always encourage our customers to pay of the balance early and reduce the total cost of the loan. There are no early repayment fees and no fees tied to do this, so if you get the opportunity, take it!
We consider any type of employment, including part time employment and assess merits of borrowing on affordability and not number of hours employed each week.
We retain your logbook and spare key until the end of the loan at which point we send everything back to you within 48 hours. If you need the logbook to make changes with the DVLA we will send it back it you, if you do not have a spare key do not worry, we do not have to collect the spare key in order to give you a loan.
All payments are made via a debit card which we take from you during the appointment stage. Whilst we do not retain the card details on the system, we are provided a token from the merchant bank and continue to bill you each month via the same card.
Please refer to our borrowers information sheet for more information on bills of sale.
No! You do not need a reason to borrow the money, it is your car and you can do whatever you like with the title of it.
Absolutely not! It can actually help improve your credit score if you make payments regularly and on time. Provided you keep your payments on time, your credit rating should improve over the term of the loan.
Great question! All lenders should be authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority and must confirm to strict codes of conduct. Failure to meet these requirements could mean the license to trade being taken away. We take any customer issues or complaints very seriously. Whoever you decide to take a loan with, always check that the company has a license to trade from the financial conduct authority and that they have affiliations to organisations such as the Consumer Credit Trade Association which further outlines codes of conduct in which to operate fairly and transparently.

At Motorkitty we take complaints very seriously and pride ourselves on customer service. However, if you feel that you’ve been let down or unjustly treated you have the right to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsmen.

Please click here for more information on complaints procedure. Our treating customers fairly policy can be found by clicking here.

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