The below promotions are subject to certain conditions which are outlined in the section below. Please ensure you read all conditions attached that are attached to these offers.

  • Promo 1
    Take a loan out today and receive a free £25 amazon gift voucher, redeemable for up to 1 year. Wow, what a great way to start your loan!
  • Promo 2
    Take a loan today and pay nothing for 2 months, yes that’s right, get a full months grace!
  • Promo 3
    Switch and save now! Swap to Motorkitty from your existing provider and we’ll pay off your remaining balance and give you a 10% reduction on future repayments, plus a free £25 amazon gift voucher!
  • Promo 4
    Refer a friend and get a £50 credit on your account, or a £50 gift voucher from amazon. More free cash, couldn’t be better!

Amazon gift vouchers will be sent to the customer within 14 days of the promotion be accepted by Motorkitty and are redeemable for up to 1 year. The customer is required to maintain the account in good standing, without any charges and for a minimum period of 6 months from inception. Failure to satisfy these conditions may result in charge on your account for the return of the gift voucher.

Promotion No. 2 requires that the customer take the loan for the full term, if the loan is settled before the full term and any interest that was removed as part of the promotion will be applied back to the settlement figure.

Our reference in the home page to the £50 gift voucher if you find a cheaper loan requires evidence submitted of any competitors advertising a cheaper loan. Please note that Motorkitty competitive rates are updated monthly and therefore we may be making changes to our system when your enquiry comes in, please therefore wait until the beginning of the next month to check that any offer beats ours.

Our best rate guarantee and promotional offer is subject to a written quotation on letter headed paper from another lender.

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